Portable Containment Pads

Groundwater contamination is a major agricultural industry concern. Point source spills and activities at pesticide mixing and loading sites are major sources of the contamination. For this reason, federal law mandates the need for pesticide users to employ an environmentally safe, user friendly, pesticide containment facility.

Early adopters of this mandate opted to use concrete pads that often developed small fissures and cracks and became permeable. OctaFlex recognized that a 21st Century product needed solution and created the first portable, scaleable, non-permeable containment pad specifically designed for agri-aviation.

In contrast to permanent concrete loading pads which allow only a fixed operation site, portable systems can be assembled in multiple work areas and put away in storage when not in use. Non-intrusive Fixed or Portable containment systems can be used for various containment needs. They can be used when mixing pesticides and when loading equipment, trucks, or aircraft. They can also be used as a secondary containment source or a wash pad. They can even be used as a liner for old, cracked, concrete loading pads. Various options are available because of the flexible design and modular units. The design and size provide a large surface area for substantial liquid containment. The coated fabric, specifically designed for agricultural chemical containment, is durable, reliable, and pesticide resistant..